Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Should You Comment About Her Weight?

I don't often blog about personal stuff but something keeps happening to me and it has me wondering if I am the only woman having that unpleasant conversation with a male acquaintance about a very personal and sensitive topic: my weight.  (I'm aware that this in fact can happen in reverse but allow me just this once to speak from my own perspective and know that I do not mean this as a one sided topic).

The backstory is that I've always been extremely sensitive about my weight.  Since I was 11 years old I've known how much I weighed because I was a competitive gymnast and we had frequent weigh ins.  I then went on to do track and field and any runner will tell you that how much you weigh and what you eat is always a focus in your daily life.

So basically, when it comes to my weight I'm all screwy in my mental mind.

With that as the background, I have a male acquaintance who more than just a few times has commented on my weight, whether it be encouraging me to workout, asking me if I've already worked out if we are speaking at end of the night, or reminding me to work out if we are speaking in the early evening.  There are also the random text messages to check in to make sure that I'm sticking to my diet and eating healthy.  

Here's the point when I recoil.

What's that even about?  Is it just me or does this guy need to fall back?

Now it's not that he and I have never discussed this topic before and these comments are completely out of the blue.  The issue of me getting in even better shape or working out more consistently has come up.  We have exercised together before.  We've even discussed training for a local 5K race or even a triathlon but for some reason every time he brings it up without me mentioning anything about it first, I flinch.  Is there something wrong with me that he feels the need to remind me everyday to workout?  Am I right on the edge of what's attractive to him and he's afraid that if I miss a workout I'll then slide into obesity?  I mean it's possible that he is only trying to be helpful and I'm very sensitive about the topic, but why does he always feel the need to bring it up?  

How do my ladies feel about a guy commenting on your weight or wanting you to work out more?  

This is likely the most personal post I'll ever do but I had to get that off my chest.  
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