Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Just Sayin: Jesus Needs New PR

A while back I saw someone tweet the following:

"Jesus needs new PR."

And I thought to myself, WOW that is so so true.  In fact, I soon discovered there is even an entire blog dedicated to this idea. 

Right now in the political world Jesus or God as he's known in some circles has some super nut jobs representing him and I'm sure if he had his choice he would not select Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle to be his public representatives here on earth.

Let's review shall we:

Most recently Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle has said that the Democratic agenda violates the First CommandmentYes, that says COMMANDMENT, not Amendment.

If Jesus had his choice do you think he would select this lady to rep him to the masses and bring the lost souls over to see the light?  I'm thinking not...

She even has that crazy look in the eyes.

Do you think God hand selected the genius walking among us mere mortals going by the name of Sarah Palin? Don't you think he would give his rep some firing neurons?

And don't you think God would get someone better than The National Organization for Marriage to articulate the religious opposition to marriage equality?

I'm a Christian who reads my bible and supports equality for everyone. I'm not sure why that idea is so controversial.  Me thinks these so called reps for Jesus are frauds and I'm calling them out.

I'm just sayin...
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