Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Think Ken Mehlman Was The Last To Know

Turns out Ken Mehlman the former head of the Republican National Committee and the man responsible for managing arguably the most anti-gay Presidential campaign in modern history for George W. Bush, is himself a gay man.  He officially came out yesterday in an interview with Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic.  None of this is a surprise and most folks are saying that it was the worst kept secret in Washington.  Now that he's out of the closet, Mr. Mehlman wants to join up with marriage equality organizations, I guess because he hopes that they have short term amnesia.

While some high profile LGBT organizations and activists are excited at the idea that Mr. Mehlman is now out and wanting to help, others have basically told Mr. Mehlman to go kick rocks.  Too little, too late.  Where was all this "understanding" and "honesty" when you were putting anti-gay marriage propositions and amendments on state ballots in the 2004 election, most notably in OHIO?

What does everyone think?  Should we give him props for coming out or should we give him the side eye for waiting until now?

Bonus Flashback Video Clip:

Bill Maher outed Ken Mehlman on Larry King Live a few years back.

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