Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Ed Schultz: Robert Gibbs Was Talking About You

It occurred to me during this morning's dust up between the "Professional Left" and the White House, that Robert Gibbs was sending a message to a very specific person: MSNBC's Ed Schultz. Ed is on my teevee daily complaining about the White House and even has gone as far to suggest that Democrats should stay home in November. I would say that the White House might have a legitimate beef with the television host because even the fiercest critic of this White House would never suggest that we just throw in the towel and hand the midterm elections over to the GOP.

Dear Ed: I respect and admire you but this kind of talk is completely unacceptable in my humble opinion and perhaps was a factor in Gibbs latest comments which he of course walked back within hours. It's irresponsible. As upset as you are with the White House I do not see how this is helping?! So maybe this is what Robert Gibbs was talking about in part with his jab at the "Professional Left?"

I tweeted earlier today that this is a ridiculous cycle that keeps repeating over and over again and after the dust settles everyone is even more suspicious of each other than before. It goes something like, the Left hates on White House for "X" decision which doesn't go as far as they would like, the White House blasts the Left, the Left points back at White House and goes see look I told you they hate us, then the White House walks it back and apologizes, likely realizing they need the Left and insulting the base isn't the best electoral strategy. Rinse. Repeat.

At the end of all this you get fiftyleven blog posts (including this one of course) and tweets on the Left complaining that the White House is just as horrible as they always suspected but really the most important thing we need to realize is that NOTHING GOT DONE TODAY. We have spent a day on this non-story and Ed will no doubt be on my teevee tonight with Robert Gibbs as the star of psycho talk. I would really love it if someone could step in act like a grown up. Respectfully, this "I know you are but what am I" routine is only going to guarantee we get pummeled in November. We all need each other in this fight against the lunatics on the right, who will of course be the beneficiaries of our family feud.

So yes, while it's true the White House needs the "Professional Left," we need the White House. I REPEAT: We need the White House. Unless of course someone out there on the Left has figured out and can explain to me how much better off we'd be under a President Romney or Palin. Don't worry, I'll wait.

**UPDATE FROM WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFING**: Looks like I was pretty much on target with my assessment of what Gibbs meant by "Professional Left."
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