Tuesday, July 20, 2010

**UPDATE** What Happens When The Media Narrative Changes on Live TV?

Shirley Sherrod, a USDA official from the state of Georgia, was forced to resign in the midst of controversy over remarks that she used racial preferences when dealing with farmers. The hoopla of course being that she engaged in this preferential treatment while working for the Obama administration. Sherrod was quickly condemned by both the USDA and the NAACP (but it appears that the NAACP is having second thoughts).

The problem is that this heavily edited video, which was posted by Joseph McCarthy Andrew Breitbart (pictured right with his fake pimp from the ACORN fiasco), cuts off the rest of Sherrod's remarks which include the fact that the "controversial" story she is telling happened 24 years ago and she tells the story to reflect the idea that she was able to move past race. In sum, the remarks were meant to bring people together and were not those which reflect Sherrod's belief in racial preferences of any kind.

Video posted by Andrew Breitbart and replayed over and over by Fox News without any context:

Here is Sherrod on CNN earlier today providing all of the context for the edited clip:

The wife of the man who's farm is the subject of Sherrod's story defends her on CNN earlier today thereby pretty much making Andrew Breitbart look like an even bigger douche liar and the media narrative literally changes on live TV leaving CNN anchor Tony Harris a bit at a loss (h/t @JamilSmith):


After coming to the decision that they were "Snookered," the NAACP has released the FULL, unedited (for political purposes) of the Shirley Sherrods speech. And as you can see, in context, her comments were NOT racist.

Now that the NAACP has eaten crow, we look towards USDA and the White House to do the right thing.

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