Thursday, June 3, 2010

*Updated* On Israel and the Flotilla...

So I'm sure everyone's heard that over the weekend, Israel attacked a Flotilla delivering aid to the Gaza strip and among the nine killed, was a 19 year old American citizen who was shot four times in the head.  I honestly think both sides of this debate have valid pointsThere is an excellent Kristof editorial in the NYT today on the topic.  And below is one of the best debates I've seen in the past week.  You normally don't ever get to hear the argument against Israel on U.S. television.  I'm proud of MSNBC for allowing both sides to make their arguments heard.

So what do you think?  Should America join the rest of the world in condeming the attack or is Israel in the right to be able to enforce the blockade?

P.S.  Here is the list of items that are banned from reaching Gaza:

*Update* - The first interview with a journalist Jamal ElShayyal on board the flotilla at the time of the incident.

More about the American citizen murdered on board

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