Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Election Day Primer: End of the Road for Senator Blanche Lincoln?

It's election day (again)!

Key Races to Watch:

Runoff in Arkansas Senate Primary - Incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln vs. Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter

Take Away: The White House has shown signs of ambivalence with regards to whether Lincoln can hold on to her seat and a Halter win would be a huge win for progressives.


Here is the origin of the primary challenge to Senator Lincoln (read: it was her lack of support for a more progressive health reform bill remember!?)

California Republican Senate Primary: Prediction Carly Fiorina win

Take Away: This is the campaign that had the now world famous "Demon Sheep" ad! (My favorite!) Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina is looking like she is going to pull this one off after an endorsement by former half term out of work hockey mom Governor Sarah Palin.

Nevada Republican Senate Primary

Take Away: Who is going to have to run against Majority Leader Harry Reid?

This is the race where Sue Lowden suggested we barter chickens for medical care which didn't go over so well among thinking people in 2010 America.

Elon James White of This Week in Blackness explains:

Republican Race for South Carolina Governor: Prediction Nikki Haley win.

Take Away: Nikki Haley is still leading comfortably in the polls even AFTER several men have come forward claiming they had affairs with the married State Representative. She has denied all of the accusations and I for one am kind of amused that women are now free in politics to have sex scandals without losing an edge in the polls. I mean this is the state where the Governor is Mark Sanford who is still in office after his famous "hike of the Appalachian trail!" Just sayin...

List of House races below (via The Washington Post):

South Carolina District 1

Republican primary: Paul Thurmond vs. Carroll Campbell III vs. Tim Scott
The offspring of the late Sen. Strom Thurmond and the late Gov. Carroll Campbell could be edged out by Tim Scott, the first black GOP state representative since Reconstruction.

Virginia District 5 *** Race to watch ***

Republican primary: Robert Hurt vs. Ken Boyd vs. Michael McPadden
Despite challenges from several "tea party" candidates, Hurt remains the leading contender to face Democratic freshman Rep. Tom Perriello in November.

Georgia District 9

Special election runoff: Tom Graves vs. Lee Hawkins
Two Republican state lawmakers are trying to out-conservative each other to take over the seat vacated by Nathan Deal.

California District 36

Democratic primary: Rep. Jane Harman vs. Marcy Winograd
With help from former DNC chairman Howard Dean, Winograd is running to the left of Harman in a district that is solidly Democratic but dominated by the defense and aerospace industries.

Virginia District 2

Republican primary: Scott Rigell vs. Bert Mizusawa vs. Ben Loyola
Rigell is the GOP establishment favorite, a distinction that could be a liability in the race to challenge Democratic freshman Rep. Glenn Nye.

South Carolina District 4

Republican primary: Rep. Bob Inglis vs. Trey Gowdy
Inglis is trying to fend off primary challengers who have made the race a referendum on his 2008 vote to bailout the banking industry.
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