Monday, June 21, 2010

Could The Republicans Really Impeach Obama?

*Sigh* So here we are in a midterm election year and the Democratic electorate is angry and unsatisfied with President Obama and the congressional Democrats (and many justifiably so on some issues).  Change doesn't come overnight apparently.

That said, we must not take our eye off the ball.  If the Republicans take back the House of Representatives in November they get SUBPOENA POWER. That means that they can investigate anything they want, including some fun stuff like whether President Obama was really born in Hawaii (he was) and anything else people like Rep. Michele Bachmann can come up with in their pea brains.  And remember the House of Representatives is the body of Congress with the power to impeach the President as they did under Clinton.

Am I the only one who is terrified that Democrats, who forgot just how bad life was under the GOP, will stay home in November and basically guarantee a government stalemate for the rest of Obama's first term?  Does anyone remember what life was like under President Clinton?!  This is just to serve as a helpful reminder to stop lumping all Democrats together, because all of them are not bad or weak.  Pop quiz:  Under which party to we have a better chance of advancing a progressive agenda: The Democrats or the Party of Rand Paul and Sarah Palin?

I'll leave you with this via OpenLeft:

The plan is to bankrupt everyone in the government with lawyer fees and tie up the administration so they can't get anything done. The accusations, lies and smears will dwarf the Clinton-era and the slime will destroy people's faith in government and democracy. That works for them. It helps put the big corporations in charge.

Imagine what this country will be like if this new breed of teabagger Republicans gets back in power in even one House of the Congress!

We can complain that Democrats didn't legitimately investigate Bush-era corruption, war crimes, torture... We can complain that they held no one accountable after Bush left office for the corruption, lies, war crimes, even torture. We can complain that some - even many - Democrats have not stood up for us against the wealthy and powerful.

BUT when you complain about "the Democrats" you are misinterpreting the problem in a way that misdirects you from the necessary action to solve the problem. The problem is SOME Democrats, not THE Democrats.
I'll let that marinate a bit.
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