Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Urban Beat - April 15, 2010

Don't forget to fill out AND mail in your CENSUS forms! Tomorrow is the last day!

1. Happy Tax...I mean Tea Bagger day! Are these tax day protesters dumb or in denial about their taxes going down in the past year?  Also polling suggests that the socialism is the devil tea partiers are more likely to be living off of the government.  Um what?

2. As we are hearing the news of Larry King's 700th divorce on cable news tonight, I am reminded of this Onion spoof of cable news.  The news always covers the BS instead of reporting the news!

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

3. NY Rep. Gregory Meeks FINALLY getting investigated for fraudulent use of Hurrican Katrina funds.  It only took them 5 years!? Sheesh.

4.  In case you missed it: T-Pain and Sean Hannity together chummin' it up and T-Pain actin like he's too smart to follow politics.  Huh?  Jay Smooth breaks it ALL THE WAY down and says everything I've wanted to say to these ignorant folks for so many years.

What he said.

5.  Teabagger Quote of the Day! (Via The Washington Post) - Johnson expressed opposition to President Obama. "It's not just because he's black," he said. "I wish I could tell you that I loved this guy, that he was a great president, that I had faith in him. But I have none. Zero." glad ya'll are finally being honest.
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