Monday, April 12, 2010

The Urban Beat - April 12, 2010

1.  Brand New Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL!  Watch all the rest of the Fey as Palin clips here.

2.  Would President Obama nominate Secretary Hillary Clinton for the SCOTUS?  Interesting question.  Oh and nerd alert!!! Use C-SPAN's video archives to research all of President Obama's potential SCOTUS

3.  President Obama convenes a huge nuclear summit today.  It is the largest meeting of world leaders arranged by a U.S. President since FDR in 1945.  Whoa.

4.  Are this year's midterm elections going to be like the 1994 Republican Revolution?  Ehh...not so fast.

5.  As a follow up to The Janitor's latest post, Professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell talks about Virginia's split personality and what it was like to grow up biracial in the capital of the old Confederacy.

6.  If you eat KFC's newest sandwich and complain about being overweight, I'm going to need you to STFU.  I'm having heart palpitations just looking at it!

7.  While it's not really all that surprising that the Governor of The Ghosts of Mississippi would defend Governor McDonnell for Confederate History Month, it's still...well...maaaaaaaaad effed up!

8.  And in not so surprising news, leaked emails from a New York Tea Party candiate include racism, porn, and bestiality.  Nice!

9.  Why does it not surprise me at all that "Big A** Chain" wearing shuck and jiving T-Pain would partner up with Sean Hannity SMDH.
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