Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Book of the Month - Republicans and the Black Vote

Republicans and the Black Vote
Michael K. Fauntroy

Fauntroy assesses the Republican Party and its relationship with African Americans in context of the party's conservative ideological shift. He traces the origin of the Republican Party's antislavery, expansionist perspective and support of Reconstruction to the current southern strategy that has sought to secure white southern votes with what is perceived as significantly antiblack views. Fauntroy examines demographic changes in America that conflict with that strategy. But he sees Republican outreach to black voters to be more form than substance, with too many of the issues, policies, and even symbols of the party perceptibly antiblack. Fauntroy, who spoke with prominent Republican policy makers and its few black party members, including former Oklahoma representative J.C. Watts, gives an overview of policies and strategies that have failed to attract blacks, and suggests some areas of overlapping interest can be more effectively highlighted. In addition to the relationship between blacks and the Republican Party, this work provides an excellent overview of domestic political issues of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

At the time of this posting, new copies available for $26, used for $14 HERE.
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