Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WTF! Pro-lifers Send Death Threats To Stupak and Other Democrats

So what exactly what do pro-lifers mean when they say they are PRO-LIFE?!  I'm more than a little concerned about the safety of President Obama, all Democrats in Congress, their staffers, and not to mention anyone who happens to be standing or living near any of the above folks listed in case one of these nut job tea partiers moves beyond simple death threats and petty vandalism. 

Since this weekend's historic health reform vote, Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak has gotten death threats from these protectors of the living and Congresswoman Louise Slaughter received death threats against her CHILDREN.  Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello's brother's address was put on a tea party website and one of these nuts cut a propane gas line as his house.

Listen to the death threats left for Congressman Stupak after the jump:

At what point is a grown up going to put a stop to this madness?!

In case it wasn't already apparent, Sarah Palin is not going to be the one responsible for calming down this type of craziness.  This is from Palin's official political website facebook page telling her supporters that after their failure to kill health reform they should RELOAD and target the Democratic congressman on the map below:

I'm really glad she chose target marks you might see at a shooting range or through a rifle scope for where to aim if you are looking to take out a Democrat in the next election! (Sarcasm off)

Last night Rachel Maddow talked about how these DOMESTIC TERRORISTS are going nuts since this weekend's vote:

There was also a rundown of all the threats on CNN earlier today:

What the hell is going on and how far are these nuts going to be allowed to go before the Republican leadership denounces this!?  Why are we calling civil rights hero Congressman Lewis the N word in 2010 because he is voting for univeral health care?! That is nuts!

A reminder:

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