Monday, March 22, 2010

This Is What Change Looks Like - Health Care Reform Passes

After decades of debate, failed attempts and rising costs (not to mention one of the ugliest year-long debates in recent history), the Health Care Reform Bill passed the House with a vote of 219 in favor - 212 opposed; it will be signed into law by President Obama shortly.

This is an historic moment in American history, but it is not without controversy as there are many angry voices out there who will likely become even angrier now that issue is no longer up for debate. Furthermore, lest we not forget, there are also those anti-anything-Obama folks out there who will be against this victory for the President just on GP.  The Attorney General from Virginia has reportedly already drafted a lawsuit to challenge the new law on Constitutional grounds...and this is surely just the first of many similar lawsuits that will will see over the following months.

So the question is, now that Health Care Reform has passed, what are your reactions, thoughts, concerns and also what do you think the reaction is going to be like from the "212" crowd come November?
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