Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Urban Beat - February 9, 2010

1. Senator Dick Shelby gives up! Finally will stop blocking all of President Obama's nominations.
2. Bipartisan healthcare summit still on!

3. Stephen Colbert completely PWNS Sarah Palin. Seriously For.The.Win.

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Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter

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4. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs mocks Sarah Palin for Palmpromter-gate LMAO!

5. President Obama makes a surprise visit to the White House Press Briefing and threatens to use recess appointments (it's about time!) if the GOP continues to play games with his political nominations.

6. Don't get it twisted: Kidnapping children in Haiti is not charitable and Gene Robinson says they ought to be locked up for their actions. Some of the kids are not even orphans.

7. And how did I miss this Sarah Palin stupidity? She misreads Pat Buchana's column and says something stupid. Go figure. Do I post too much Palin? Maybe, but it's important that we keep track of all this stupid crap in case she is the Republican nominee. I will start making the attack ads NOW!

8. Jon Stewart takes on Palmprompter-gate!

9. Has Sarah Palin jumped the stupid shark? Chris Matthews AND Mark Halperin admit this lady is effing nuts and out of her league!

10. According to some Republicans, because it is snowing during effing winter, Al Gore and the scientists were all wrong about global warming. Dummies.

11. Lil Wayne's sentencing delayed so he can go to the dentist. Seriously?
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