Friday, February 19, 2010

The Urban Beat - February 19, 2010

1.  New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) diagnosed with stomach cancer

2.  For those that care here is the Tiger Woods presser.  Warning: It's kind of boring but I look forward to all of the parodies that will certainly be made mocking it.

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3.  Rachel Maddow fact checks CPAC:

4.  The public option has new life! HHS Secretary says White House will fight for public option if Senate leadership pushes for it.  With the number of Senators signed on to public option letter now at 18, things are looking up.

5.  President Obama has successfully caught more Taliban leaders in Afghanistan/Pakistan in 1 year month than former Vice President Cheney did in 6 years.  Pass it on!

6.  Breaking: Majority Leader Harry Reid signals his support for passing the public option via reconciliation (something up until now he has NOT done).  Big news!

7.  The long awaited Department of Justice Torture Report is out!  Read it here.
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