Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Urban Beat - February 16, 2010

3.  According to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh is satirical but the television cartoon Family Guy is totally not and it's offensive!
4.  Nate Silver always manages to make me feel better.  He breaks 2010 midterms down and contradicts conventional wisdom.  Reminds us that Republicans have to defend seats in Congress too! (I'm looking at you John McCain!)
6.  Rachel Maddow shows us why ratings for Meet the Press go way up when she's on the show.
Rachel's follow up on her own program re Republican hypocrisy

7.  Keith Olbermann calls out Tea Partiers for their racism and race baiting in this Special Comment.
8.  Ezra Klein explains that Healthcare Reform is back from the dead!

9.  Secret raid successful in capturing Number 2 in the Taliban in AfPak war.

10.  Chris Hayes of The Nation Magazine explains how the Democrats can go about getting rid of filibuster.  This is a really big deal and you should be paying attention!

11.  The issue of sexual violence in the military must must must be taken seriously and get more attention!

12.  Robert Gibbs joins twitter and says that tweets will be preserved as part of the Presidential Records.

13.  Cops in Sean Bell case will not face civil rights charges. Sigh.

14.  Chart of the day!
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