Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get off My TeeVee: CPAC Edition

I'm sure there will be a lot of videos coming out of the CPAC convention to post here so I'm leaving this one open.

Republican Marc Rubio mocks Obama for teleprompter while standing in front of teleprompter.  I think he read joke about the teleprompter off of the friggin teleprompter! WTF!

CPAC Speaker mocks Obama's cocaine.  Classy.

Actor Stephen Baldwin calls President Obama "Homey."  Sigh.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney makes surprise appearance and say's Obama is a one term president, which is very good news because he's never right about anything ever as far as predictions go.  (See: WMDs, greeted as liberators, insurgency in last throes, etc).

Making jokes about terrorism isn't okay! Right?????????

Tim Pawlenty jokes about Tiger's wife.  Classy.  I think Obama is supposed to be Tiger and America is his blonde wife?  But I'm not really sure...

Ann Coulter is speechless.  WWII and the Iraq War are exactly the same in every way because they are both wars, and...oh wait....this comparison makes no sense! Classic moment where she literally realizes in the middle of her sentence that what she is saying is ridiculous.

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