Friday, February 19, 2010

The Audacity of Bi-Partisanship: My Personal Letter to President Obama

President Obama, you ran your dynamite campaign partly on the premise of Bi-Partisanship. After eight years of Republican tyranny, you knew that the people were tired of politics as usual and the party vendetta’s spilling out onto the House/Senate floor and being played out on the public stage. Your promises of a bi-partisan government were spoken under the context of what had occurred in politics over the previous eight years and the changing dynamic of the political landscape, sparked by the Reagan Administration. We were finally beginning to see that our country would fall apart unless we united and began to push the agenda’s that we could agree on, which for a time seemed to be increasingly abundant. We all agreed that bonuses given to the financial institution czars after being bailed out by Washington was wrong. We also agreed that the war in Iraq was bogus, the health care system was broken, and that our reputation around the world needed to be reinvented if this country would ever take back its place as the international super power that it is.

During your campaign, you had an overwhelming amount of democratic and republican support. After you won the election, you were even asked to take your throne earlier, just so you could get the ball rolling on fixing the mess that you would soon inherit from your predecessor. Once you took office it seemed that although we now had a democratic government, we could still bring the Republican Party to the table and together get the job done as a united government. Mr. President we were all under the impression that the GOP wanted to work with us on rebuilding America. We thought that they would rally behind you, despite your brown skin, despite your near perfect campaign and despite your above average intelligence. You, Mr. President, in good faith, made a commitment to bi-partisan government and now that promise has come back with a vengeance, making it next to impossible for you to keep the rest of the promises you made during your campaign. Mr. President, if it is one promise that your supporters would not fault you for breaking, is your promise to engage in bi-partisan government, at all costs. In the words of Roland Martin you must “Go Gangster” on the GOP, if your administration is to be a successful one.

The majority of Americans believe that your cause is just and that your intentions are for the good of what’s best for the people. Your sincerity and your righteous cause are what ultimately make you unappealing to those that should be your allies, but have proven to be your enemies. Mr. President I urge you to make your recess appointments, to push the Healthcare agenda, by any means and to exercise your power as not only the President, but as the leader of the majority party. Yes, the republicans bum rushed their agenda into policy and you intend on being the bigger man, by maintaining your calm, being patient and waiting for the GOP to come around. There is no more time left for diplomacy within our government. They have made it clear that there will be no alliance of the parties; therefore it is your responsibility as the Commander and Chief, the leader of the free world and the man with a righteous cause, to use all of your powers to promote what we know is the greater good. The future of this country is dependent upon the strength of your leadership. Walk into your destiny, sir.

Since 911 our country has struggled often with how to accept the way America has changed as a result of that atrocity. We have been haunted by what we know is an adversity which will not soon or easily be defeated. How to handle this enemy has been a cause of strong debate, tensions and bad decisions. Such differences have ripped our government apart and severely damaged its effectiveness. How much worse will our country be in the next ten years if we allow the GOP to continue its campaign to ensure your failure? Your supporters are many and we are all waiting for you to tighten your fist and attach the iron glove.
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