Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Urban Beat - January 6, 2010

The days best clips, news stories, and headlines all in one place!

2. Today in Stupid: Michael Steele Edition

2a. He needs to learn that when he opens his mouth, bad things happen. Like racial slur bad.

3. Don't worry about CT, Dodd retiring is GOOD for Democrats.

4. U.S. Census is taking us back to the word "NEGRO"

5. When a black man is REALLY delivering the State off the Union...perhaps we don't need to hear an address from Tavis. (h/t BK for that line).

6. They found out about the panty bomber DURING the flight but decided to WAIT until flight landed. SECURITY FAIL. FIRE EVERYONE.

7. My nerd crush OMB Director Peter Orszag has a baby mama!

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