Monday, January 25, 2010

The Urban Beat - January 25, 2010

1.  Obama still not separating himself from the Bush Administration when it comes to Gitmo.  Also, did we murder 3 prisoners at Gitmo? Maybe.

2.  I don't like Tim Geithner at all.  I think he should be fired and we should start over with someone who actually will be tough on Wall Street.  Here he is talking about Ben Bernanke's confirmation and the possibility that the markets will respond negatively if he is not re-confirmed.

3.  When you hear people claim that the stimulus didn't help, send them this article!

4.  Ed Rendell is right.  Make the Republicans FILIBUSTER health reform.  Make them stand there and read the dictionary while people die.  That should get them lots of votes in the 2010 midterms.

5.  Pass the health reform bill already!

6.  What does President Obama read?

7.  President Obama's Campaign Manager David Plouffe is back! Thank goodness for that!

8.  Dr. Cornel West's note to President Obama.

9.  President Obama says he would rather be really good one-term President.

10.  A spending freeze sounds like pandering to me Mr. President.  Hmmm.
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