Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Urban Beat - January 20, 2010

1. A lot of people asked why I said "Healthcare Reform IS the economy." That is explained very nicely in this
PBS Frontline Special: Ten Trillion and Counting on the deficit and how if healthcare is not reformed we go broke.

Is healthcare reform doomed now that the Democrats only have 59 votes in the Senate? Some say yes. Some say no.

2b. What would Ted Kennedy tell the Democrats to do now?
Get it done.

2c. And stop playing the blame game for God sakes!

3. Crowd chanting USA! USA! in Haiti as LA firefighters work to rescue people from the rubble over a week after the massive earthquake.

4. Must read for Democrats who want to throw in the towel:
Dear Nervous & Frustrated House Democrat

5. In entertainment news, while I'm proud of Mo'Nique for winning the Golden Globe, I can't help but give her the sideeye for this nonsense. Chick how do you go to the Golden Globes and
NOT shave your legs?! Fail.

6. Are they really trying to start an
ALL WHITE professional basketball league? Fail.

7. And I missed this one but Peggy Noonan is one of the most RIDICULOUS political journalists I have ever seen on my TEEVEE. The sound of her voice makes me cringe. According to Peggy, to be "white" is a prerequisite to "look like an American."

8. Did the Democrats
fall asleep at the wheel with regards to the MA Senate race because they were exhausted? A Hill Staffer emails TPM and says everyone should take a deep deep breath, we will get it done. The House has the Senate bill and it does not expire. At this point, it will happen but the Democrats need to make sure that they approach it in the best way possible.

9. Is Obama finally getting tough on the banks!? Maybe.
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