Friday, January 15, 2010

Philadelphia Burning

While we keep an ever watchful eye on the tragedy in Haiti, we would be remiss if we overlooked one particular event that admittedly brings a grin to our faces like the Cheshire Cat.  If you recall back during the summer in Philly, some kids in a summer program tried to go to a pool at an upper crusty well-to-do establishment known as The Valley Swim Club in northeast Philadelphia.
We blogged about it HERE and HERE.
What was most interesting about this story back then is that crap like this happens everyday in America, but this time somebody decided to drop a dime to the local media, and once they did the story blew up like Balloon Boy.  Before you knew it, even Fox News was reporting on it.  But as you and I know, the American attention span only lasts for about 72 hours.  After that, we move on from stories like these and the people who are effected usually don't receive any justice besides their 15 minutes of fame.
Well not this time.
The fine upstanding folks at The Valley Swim Club must have thought they were in the clear after the media news cycle died down, but they forgot that there's a new sherriff in town, and his name is Eric Holder.  Oh what, you thought he was going to let that sh!t slide?  Naw, son. He's going IN!  As one local news station reports:

The Justice Department is suing a suburban Philadelphia swim club alleging race bias after black and Hispanic day campers were barred from the club.
The lawsuit filed Wednesday charges that the Valley Club of Huntingdon Valley engaged in a pattern of racial discrimination.
Club officials have said race had nothing to do with the ouster of the mostly black and Hispanic children from Philadelphia last summer. They say there were too many children for the lifeguards on duty, and that many of the campers couldn't swim.
But the Justice Department says that racial hostility prompted club members to ban the children from the Creative Steps camp.

Our very own GodSon who serves as our inside man into Pennsylvania and Philly politics has informed us that from behind the scenes State Representative Ronald G Waters would not let this issue die, and stayed in Holder's ear about pressing charges against the pool, and Holder has certainly answered the call against these "cowards."

Before I close, I want to take a moment to connect the dots for some folks out there on an issue that's been kicked around the Black community as of late, and that is Obama's dedication to all things Black.  When one enters the arena of politics, in order to be successful one has to approach it like a game of Chess.  You see, in Chess, each piece has a special purpose that only that piece can provide.  A Chess master is somebody who knows the capacity of each piece, and knows how and when to put each of them into motion in order to achieve a greater objective - all the while thinking 3 or 4 steps ahead of his or her opponent.

The problem with the Black community (and with the general public at large) is that we tend to approach the political arena like it's a game of Checkers, where the only concern is for the 1 move immediately ahead of us that we can see at the time.  You see in Checkers, if a piece isn't constantly hopping around all the time then it's seen as a bad thing.  In Chess, it's called strategy.

So in other words, every time I hear Black folks say "Obama doesn't care about the Black Community" it lets me know 3 things:

1. They play too much damn Checkers!
2. They're looking at the Black King piece centered at the rear of the board and they're expecting it to hop around like a Black checker piece, which, when you think about it, would not only obviate the purpose of the other chess pieces, but would also look pretty damn silly.
3. While they're fixated on the Black King piece who appears to be immobile in the middle of the board, they have taken their eye off of the Black Knight who's already out there killing opponents with no mercy.

When it comes to the ONE government agency (the Dept. of Justice) that is responsible for administering social justice to the nation in situations like these that have the most impact on the Black community, do you think its some kind of accident that Obama picked a Black man to run it?

Every Chess piece has a purpose, folks.
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