Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Blogger on The Urban Politico

Oyez Oyez Oyez!!!

With the New Year comes a New Era of stirring the pot, so The Urban Politico is proud to announce our newest addition to the family, a long time Urban Politician who goes by the name "The Fed."

The Fed hails from the DC Beltway and comes to us as a Washington insider who bumps elbows with law makers on Capital Hill for a living - so we will look for him to keep us abreast on all the latest Hill gossip of course. You've seen his work before from time to time on the blog, and wherever there's a heated debate on the issues, you can usually find The Fed up in the middle of it.

When he's not talking about politics, you can usually find him at a Texas Hold 'em table with a hand full of aces and eights where he belongs, sittin' with the scumbags, tellin' jokes, draggin' the occasional pot. He can drop movie quotes at the drop of a dime that are relevant to any situation - not to mention old school rap lyrics - and he's probably involved in every fantasy sports team known to man.

So please show your love and give a warm welcome to our newest blogger and keep an eye out over the days and weeks to come for a new voice on the Urban Politico.
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