Monday, January 11, 2010

DVR Alert: New HBO Series About NOLA By The Creators of The Wire

This is going to be great! Premieres April 11th!

Short trailer and description (Via

David Simon, creator of The Wire, is shifting his lens from the mean streets of Baltimore to post-Katrina New Orleans with Treme. The HBO series is set in a Crescent City neighborhood rich in Créole and African American history. Unlike The Wire, Treme will tighten its scope to focus on the musicians and working class people living among the city's ongoing reconstruction efforts.

The Wire was a dense and sprawling tale, unearthing corruption and secrets everywhere from grimy back alleys to city hall. Treme's reportedly smaller scope recalls Simon's first series, Homicide: Life on the Street. The pioneering NBC drama centered on the tough and streetwise detectives sweating away at a Baltimore police precinct. Simply put, the show was a masterpiece that offered a rich, compelling and sometimes avant-garde micro-study of overworked cops.

I don't expect Treme's scope to be as narrow as Homicide's, but I'm excited about Simon's return to a somewhat smaller and unique subject after the epic sweep of The Wire. I loved The Wire, but it's amazing what Simon can do when he's working with a smaller canvas.

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