Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CENSUS 2010 OR 1910?

It is safe to say, as a member of the Urban Politico team, that we are appalled at the Census Bureau’s decision to use the word “NEGRO” as a description for African American people. The word is rooted in hate and oppression. It revisits a time, when blacks were not only being discriminated against in every manner conceivable, but were being brutally murdered, raped, falsely convicted and punished and were the overall victims of a persistent plot to extinguish the race as a whole. This word MUST be removed from the Census forms.

I could preach for pages and pages about why it is wrong to have this word describe black people, but I will give our readers the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are already aware of why this is unacceptable. My main concern of course too, is will this be a further deterrent to folks who are already leery of being counted.We know that unfortunately to huge a portion of our people DO NOT read. So all manner of rumors are already being spread about the repercussions for filling out the census forms.

There were reports of older blacks who preferred to be described as Negro in a NY Daily News article I read today. Blacks from previous generations seem to identify more with this description, while the younger generation sees it as offensive. The problem with this sort of statement is that they never survey the right people. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you identify with being called a Negro, it is because you have been brainwashed, so much so that you don't event realize what is right and what is wrong!!! The very nature of the word is synonymous with being an underclass, undereducated and ignorant person, not very far apart from the word NIGGER.

The success of Census 2010 is cause for great concern. In Census 2000 only 56% of the African American community was counted. Pitiful!! But will the statistics be worse this year, because of the terminology used to describe us?

It is almost a certainty that the population of the African American community has grown dramatically in the last ten years, if not doubled. I added two little crumb snatchers to that statistic myself this decade. If we are not counted, then we are not properly represented by legislators and funds are not allocated properly to support the programs and services that our people need.

We need to contact our US Representative’s and Senator’s and demand a bill be drafted immediately to remove this word from the forms. If it doesn’t work on the FED level, than we need to contact our State Representatives and Senators and demand that they draft legislation to have it removed on a state level. This is total, outright, blatant, disrespect; done by individuals who should know better.

The 2010 census should not reflect regression, not with a black president.

Update: I came across this counterargument this evening - Negro Please! (Lady Z)
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