Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Killing The Bill Is Not The Right Move

I have finals and have had very little time to catch up on my healthcare news.

Below is a variety of links that I read today that have lead me to conclude that Howard Dean is WRONG when he says we should kill the health reform bill in it's current form and pass pieces through reconciliation. (h/t to Rachel Maddow for the Kill Bill themed photo idea)

Read through the varying positions and judge for yourself.

If you are really PISSED OFF about the state of the health reform bill then read this!

What is actually in the bill anyway? Answer: A lot of good stuff so we shouldn't kill it.

5 Ways the Bill DOES Control Costs (without the public option).

20 Questions and 20 Responses for those on the left who think killing the bill is the right way to go. Via for policy lovers everywhere. (On a side note Nate Silver rocks!)

Okay I know it sounds crazy but here me out. Is it AT ALL possible that folks on the left are screaming even louder in opposition to this bill so it's easier to pass it? I feel like it might be what we saw with Joe "Douche Nozzle" Lieberman but in reverse. Maybe I'm overanalyzing.

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