Monday, December 28, 2009

MSM Epic Fail: Something Else Happened This Weekend Besides NW Flight 253

CNN Fail.

Unless you were keeping an eye on the blogs over the holiday weekend, you would have no idea that anything happened in the world besides some moron with a bomb strapped to his crotch.

Check out the latest updates from the protests in Iran, which have been intense in the past week.

What you most certainly missed:

* Opposition leader Mir Hussein Moussavi was arrested (along with two other opposition leaders) AND his nephew was murdered.

Middle East expert Juan Cole explains why the murder of Ali Moussavi is very important:

Killing a sayyid is a blot on any Iranian government. Doing so on Ashura, the day of morning for the martyred grandson of the Prophet, Imam Husayn, borders on insanity.

* Rumor has it that the Basji are switching sides and joining forces with the protesters instead of beating and arresting them, which is why this picture could be a very symbolic.

* Women continue to be a strong and powerful voice of opposition and suffer the consequences of beatings and murder along with their male counterparts:

* There is a new economic angle that is emerging which could prove significant.

Some clips of the protests (Warning some of the images are graphic):

More here.

And here.

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