Monday, November 2, 2009

What's Going on with the GOP?

So tomorrow there are at least 3 races to watch:

New Jersey Governor's race between (D) Jon Corzine and (R) Chris Christie

Virginia Governor's race between (D) Creigh Deeds and (R) Bob McConnell

New York's 23rd Congressional District

All three will help in some way to give us a pretty good idea of the mood of the country towards Democrats and Obama (or at least I predict that's what the media narrative is going to be).

First, off the most telling of the three races as far as

Seriously WTH is going on there?!

Basically, the GOP started infighting when Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page yet again to endorse the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman over the more moderate candidate Dede Scozzafava, who was being endorsed by Newt Gingrich. You know things are looking bad when Newt is the only sane person in your party lol.

Well, over the weekend, Scozzafava DROPPED OUT of the race, and endorsed the Democratic candidate William Owens, now leaving the GOP fractured, while overall the race still appears to be in a dead heat.

I'm not an expert on winning elections or anything but can someone please explain to me how ripping the party apart to keep a seat that has been a Republican district for like the last 100 years is progress towards electoral success on a greater scale next year?!

Here is Obama Campaign Guru David Plouffe talking about the current state of the GOP:

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