Wednesday, November 18, 2009

U Reap What U Sow

In a bit of breaking news, it has been reported that Evan Chandler, the father of Jordan Chandler who we blogged about HERE, committed suicide recently.

In case you forgot, this was the family that first sued MJ for alleged child molestation charges when Jordan visited MJ at Neverland Ranch. The Family raised suspicions about the validity of their claim when they mysteriously and abruptly dropped the molestation charges altogether after a substantial $22 million dollar setttlement was reached between the Chandler family and MJ back in '94.

Afterwards, the Chandlers lived quite well, accumulating luxury properties in New York, New Jersey and California.

After MJ's death this summer, it was reported (although never confirmed) that the son in question, Jordan Chandler, now 29 years-old, admitted that MJ never touched him after all.

The NY Post reports on the father's suicide HERE, stating in pertinent part:

"The body of Evan Chandler, 65, the father of Jordan "Jordy" Chandler, was found in his luxury Jersey City apartment on Nov. 5 -- still holding his .38-caliber revolver as he lay in bed, officials said yesterday.

There were five different prescription drugs in the home. No suicide note was found.

Chandler died a broken man, gravely ill and estranged from his entire family, loved ones said, living out his days in sad isolation 17 years after Jackson first infected his world.

Once a stunningly handsome and prominent Beverly Hills dentist, Chandler saw his life turned upside down by his son's claims -- enduring the collapse of his practice and physical assaults, and driven to disguise himself with repeated plastic surgeries to avoid abuse from rabid Jacko fans."

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