Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today in Wingnut Land: Fort Hood is Obama's Fault

It was only a matter of time before the wingnuts were going to begin blaming last week's tragic massacre at Fort Hood on Obama.

I feel like we need to start a countdown clock to measure the amount of time between a bad event anywhere in the world and when it gets blamed on Obama. You know like how they have one on Talking Point's Memo to measure the time between when someone in the GOP criticizes Rush Limbaugh and when they crawl back on their knees to apologize.

Seriously, though I'm unclear as to how you logically conclude that, if the FBI drops an investigation of someone in 2008, it's Obama's fault? Oh wait did I say logical conclusion?

Via Media Matters:

From the November 9 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

HANNITY: This Fort Hood situation is really beginning to disturb me and should disturb everybody. And that is that there is a chance our government knew all about this guy Hasan and did nothing because nobody wanted to be called an Islamophobe. We're not talking about Islam, we're talking about radical Islam. You know, this guy going in there, god is great, etc., etc., and all the things he's saying. But everybody hat worked with him, Bob, knew ahead of time, our government apparently knew and did nothing. Now, this is a terrorist act, if in fact this was motivated in such a way. What does it say about Barack Obama and our government?

I realize that at a certain point we have to ignore all the Faux News blather, but we do not want the narrative to be created that the tragedy at Fort Hood was a terrorist attack that President Obama allowed to happen.

Update: Obama's speech at the Fort Hood memorial service earlier today.

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