Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Book of the Month - The President's Therapist

The President's Therapist
John Wareham

Excerpts from various reviews:

Death Sentence Sought for Controversial Author
"Burn him at the stake," cries an angry critic.

The President's Therapist, John Wareham's best-selling psychological thriller, is looking more like more like nonfiction by the moment. The novel delivers an insider's portal into [former] President Geroge W. Bush's closet alcohol addiction, leadership travails, and marital woes.

In a missive to the publisher, Republican political activist Ms. Bonnie Dudley accused Mr. Wareham of comingling fact with fiction, and of stealing his plot from a supermarket tabloid. "She has a point," responded Mr. Wareham. "The bio-history of George W. Bush is factual, and I certainly pushed the novelistic envelope by creating a fictional psychotherapist. But she's all wrong about the plot, it's original."

The novel might be fiction, but the bio-history that "Dr. Alter" unearths and ruminates upon is deadly accurate, and the strategies he applies to burst the president’s infamous bubble of denial are, to say the least, fascinating.

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***Note: The book is available on Amazon HERE for as little as $3 used, $9 new.

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