Monday, October 19, 2009

Secret Service Overwhelmed By Number of Obama Death Threats

This is the kind of story that gets my blood boiling.

You mean there are so many hateful, racist, crazy wingnuts right now in America that the Secret Service is running out of resources?!

The Department of Homeland Security needs to do something about this NOW!

Someone needs to start charging Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh a fee for stirring all of this up!

What is wrong with these people? Obama won a free and fair election and the far right acts like he organized groups of Democratic operatives and hill staffers to cause a ruckus to stop a recount...Oh wait I'm confusing that with what ACTUALLY happened in 2000.

As much as I hated (and I mean HATED) Bush and Cheney I never wished death on either one of them. I love America more than I disliked their policies.

The right wing is always so quick to call themselves patriots, but one of their most popular blogs actually fantasized about a military coup to overthrow the Obama administration.

Are these people nuts?! (That was mostly rhetorical.)

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