Sunday, October 11, 2009

Memo to a White House Staffer: Please Shut Up (Respectfully)

No, I'm not mad about the lack of speed with which President Obama is fulfilling his campaign promises. I just do not understand how on God's green earth someone who works in the White House would let CNBC's John Harwood get this quote on the record:

No, no, no...

Prepare for another week of Obama getting hit from the Left. They actually have a reason to be pretty mad at the remarks made by this "White House advisor" who sounds like a total jerk.

I'm willing to defend the administration for being pragmatic and methodical as they do their best to tackle a number of very important and complex issues.

But I will not allow a member of the White House staff to generalize all bloggers on the left or those who have been outspoken in their opposition to their policies as "the fringe." (As long as that opposition is substantive and fair).

Someone from the administration needs to come out ASAP and walk this quote back as they say in the beltway.

UPDATE: It's been only a few minutes since I put up this post and it's already started.

It's being framed as the Obama administration calling gays part of the internet left fringe. Sigh.

UPDATE II: I knew the White House would come out to fix this before noon today. Even more clarification from Harwood on the context of the quote here.

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