Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Left is Getting on My Nerves (Again)

This happens every few weeks. Obama has a somewhat negative week in the press or waffles on the public option or climate change or Gitmo or SOMETHING and the left cries SELLOUT! As if the guy was all the way out in left field from the jump and was just pretending to be a moderate progressive during the entire 2 year campaign.

Why all the complaining so soon into Obama's first term?

In this free society, of course it is your right to complain about what our government is doing but the relentless and always less than constructive criticism of him from the left (as if he isn't already getting hit with all kinds of nonsense from the right wing crazies) is really starting to irk me.

It's like every week I read some blog post or article by a liberal blogger complaining about how Obama has sold out the left as if you don't look like a fool for trying to draw that type of conclusion so soon into a term. Frankly, many of the complaints from the left are about things that Obama can't change instantly this afternoon.

It's almost as if the left has the same amnesia about the last 8 years that the folks on the right have. Just because the folks on the right want him to take ownership of the problems that were created by the last administration doesn't mean we should let them. We can't blame him for still being in Iraq or Gitmo or Afghanistan, etc. It's not like he has made ZERO progress on those three fronts. Has he not made quite as much as we would've hoped? Yes. Is that lack of progress, because he has sold out all of his morals and progressive values? No.

We survived 8 years of Bush and Cheney and yet we have no patience to allow Obama to clean up the mess. I just don't get it.

Last night on SNL the opening sketch was making fun of Obama not doing anything in his 1st year in office and I admit it wasn't funny to me at all. It actually made me pretty pissed off.

Maybe our expectations were too high or something? I think we all need to take a step back and realize that Obama is just a man, albeit a brilliant one, and we would do ourselves a great disservice to beat up on the guy when he really is trying to do a good job.

Don't like his policies? Don't complain. Write a letter. He reads them. (unlike some other folks who have sat in that office). I just don't see the value in criticism that isn't constructive.

Here's the SNL sketch that I didn't find funny. Let me know if you think it's funny or unfair? To me what stands out about this sketch isn't the fact that he hasn't solved all of these problems but just HOW LONG the list of problems is. I think that speaks volumes. Just my two cents.

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