Friday, October 2, 2009

How To Man Up 101

Last night, David Letterman came clean on his own show to the entire world about sexual relations that he had had with women who worked for him on the Late Show. Apparently, a CBS executive threatened to go public with the info unless Letterman agreed to pay him $2 Meelyon dollars (holding pinky to mouth) . See video below for more details (watch how the audience slowly catches on that Dave is actually being serious):

I won't condone the fact that the man was sleeping with anybody who works for him, HOWEVER like my folks always told me, when you mess up you own up to your mistake and admit it. No matter how you may feel about Letterman's actions, you at least have to give the man credit for manning up about the whole thing on national television. A lot of these sex-scandal-of-the-week politicians would do well to take notes here from Letterman on how its done.


P.S. - Good to see our boy Dan Abrams is still out in the mix doing legal commentary. MSNBC needs to bring his show back.
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