Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guns Legal in Bars: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

You might be asking yourself, "self who would be dumb enough to legally permit a person to carry a loaded gun into a bar?" The answer: ARIZONA. (More info on this here.)

So WTF? Has the state legislature in Arizona lost their minds? Or perhaps they don't have a good grasp of American history in the West where I'm pretty sure it had been customary for the John Wayne cowboy types to leave their weapons at the edge of town, as to not incite any shootouts at the local watering hole. Who knows what they were thinking. All I do know is that this is going to prove to be a big mistake and someone is likely to end up dead or seriously injured before they are forced to rescind the law.

Why should it even come to that? Why can't we ever have elected officials who have a clue? (See: my prior post about how Congressional Democrats having the same problem with cluelessness.) I find it very disconcerting that had I happened to be born and raised in Arizona, I would have to go get my AK before going to get a beer just to be on the safe side. There is something so wrong with this picture (there is DEFINITELY something oh so wrong with the message in the actual picture above IMO).

I think the world is going crazy. What's up is down. What's wrong is right. Sick people die because they can't afford the medicine to treat their cancer. Not in Liberia, but in Louisiana. I just read this morning that they are trying to slip in an amendment to the healthcare reform bill that outlaws birth control. I thought we handled that way back in 1965?! (See: Griswold v. Connecticut )

Next they are probably going to allow guns in abortion clinics. I'm sure that will be just fine, no danger there right? Someone just shoot me, geez.

So is it just me or has the world gone mad? SMH.

Update: Apparently this is already legal in Kansas and in Tennessee. Stephen Colbert did a great bit about gun rights and the new law in Tennessee when it passed over the summer.

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