Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest Post: The GOP Has a New Push

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Today's Guest Post comes to us from fellow blogger "The Fed."
The Fed is an HBCU grad and currently resides in the DC/Baltimore area where he holds a position within the federal government working with standards and policy in Congress. Today, he writes to us about the new GOP website, so check out this latest submission and be sure to show our guest some Urban Politico some love and chime in with your comments:

The Faces of the Republican Party

Their tag line says:
"The GOP is a Party of many people with varied and diverse backgrounds, but we all share a passion in Republican principles. Why are you a Republican? Let us know by filling out this
form and you could be the next to be featured here."

If you roll your mouse over the can see WHY the individual people became republicans...

take a moment...wasn't that sweet...?

Too bad the world most of them live in doesn't exist.

Let me be fair, there was a time with the Republican party actually had diversity in values. It was founded on the values of anti-slavery, and came to power in opposition of the
Kansas-Nebraska Act. They even fought against "States' Rights" as a way to defend slavery. But somewhere between William F. Buckley and Richard Nixon and his Southern Strategy, it moved further away from being a friend of Black America.

With their agenda opposing Affirmative Action, and now in support of States' Rights and smaller government (unless, of course, it has to do with same sex marriage or abortion where they want the government to be as big as it can get) it isn't the same agenda that assisted many of the great Black Americans in our history to forge out the lives we have today. Blacks had to fight against States' Rights, and they supported the Government getting involved with everyday issues and expanding rights to include EVERYONE.

Even with gun rights we have a different perspective. I'm sure most of us understand gun ownership rights as laid out by the 2nd amendment. But we have also seen the destruction done in our communities. There is no reason why AR-15s are street legal. Why are we hunting with military caliber weapons?

It is damn near offensive with the face of black men and woman representing the "O" in GOP on their new website. There aren't that many black people IN your party. Did you ask them all to come in for the photo shoot?

Isn't the truth, that today's conservative agenda ISN'T a diverse agenda? Isn't it a party of exclusion and twisted philosophies and idealism? Can you related more with democratic issues or republican issues?
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