Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Event Promo in the NY Metro Area: "Obama and Sotomayor: The Age of Minority Leadership"

For all of the Urban Politico readers in the NY Metro area, you should check out the following:

"Obama and Sotomayor: The Age of Minority Leadership"
Topic of October 22, 2009 Symposium - The Rutgers School of Law-Newark Association of Latin American Law Students (ALALS) will present a symposium titled "Obama and Sotomayor: The Age of Minority Leadership" on Thursday, October 22, 2009, from 6 - 9:30 pm. The Association of Black Law Students, Asian Pacific-American Law Students Association, Rutgers LGBT Caucus, Women's Law Forum, and the Human Rights Forum are event co-sponsors. The symposium will consist of two panels: the first on how the ascension of an African American to the presidency and a Hispanic woman to the highest court has impacted their communities, and the second on why minority communities should not become complacent in the face of these transformational

What: "Obama and Sotomayor: The Age of Minority Leadership"
  • Hon. Esther Salas, U.S. Magistrate Judge for the District of New Jersey
  • Jenny Rivera, Professor of Law and Director, Center for Latino and Latina Rights and Equality, City University of New York
  • Al Alvarez, Esq., Deputy Chief of Staff to Gov. Jon Corzine
  • Yvette Bravo-Weber, Dean of the Minority Student Program, Rutgers School of Law-Newark
  • Brandon Paradise, Assistant Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law-Newark
  • Juan Cartagena, General Counsel and Vice President for Advocacy, Community Service Society, and General Counsel, Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey, moderator

  • Hon. Doris Ling-Cohan, New York State Supreme Court
  • Debra E. Guston, Esq., Partner, Guston & Guston, L.L.P.
  • Peter BergĂ©, Esq., Associate, Bendit Weinstock, P.A.
  • Suzanne M. Cerra, Esq., Co-founder and President, Nukk-Freeman & Cerra, P.C., and Chief Operations Officer, New Jersey Women Lawyers' Association
  • Adil Haque, Assistant Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law-Newark, moderator
When: 6 - 9:30 pm, Thursday, October 22, 2009
Where: Baker Trial Courtroom, Rutgers School of Law-Newark, Newark, NJ 07102
RSVP: alals.rutgers@gmail.com
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