Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Secret Service on Facebook

In an environment where a United States Congressman feels free to yell out from his chair and interrupt the President of the United States during a formal address to Congress with accusations of dishonesty, one has to ask how exactly did America allow itself to stoop so low? It has become painfully apparent that any and all vitriol against the President is not only tolerated, but is also encouraged by everybody from the media to "Birthers" to our government's elected officials. At what point do we realize that the further we disrespect the presidency, the further we disrespect America? At what point do we say enough is enough?

Over the weekend, some chickenshit coward anonymous user put a poll up on Facebook that asked the following question "Should President Obama be killed?"


What's worse is about 700 people actually responded to it before Facebook was notified to take it down. The story is now making major buzz around the media from Fox News to CNN. And why is it making major buzz? Not because Facebook pulled the poll within hours of its creation. Nor is it because the poll is over the top because, as we've seen, over the top language against the president has been accepted as a "freedom of speech" non-issue by our friends in the cable news business. This story is finally catching traction because this is the first time that the American people have actually seen the Secret Service officially and publicly launch an investigation to go after somebody who has threatened President Obama since he took office.

Sure, there was that nutty pastor who prayed for Obama's death, but he got off with a mere sit-down interview from the Secret Service where they likely served him tea and crumpets. This time, they're actually launching an investigation that seeks to prosecute an individual for making a threat against the President (which, BTW, is actually against the law contrary to popular right-wing belief).

Many civilizations and empires far older than the United Stats have fallen throughout history (Egypt, Rome, Greece, the Soviet Union, etc.). At some point, the people of each nation stopped respecting their own nation at a fundamental level, and once that happened it was only a matter of time. If we continue this type of blatant disregard for the Presidency, it's not exactly inconceivable that the United States could be next on the list.
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