Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michael Steele Gets Pwned by Robert Gibbs

I thought that on my very first day here at The Urban Politico, I would only do one post but alas RNC Chairman Michael Steele has forced my hand.

It's safe to assume that I have little respect for Steele and generally find him to be completely vacuous, devoid of any common sense, and lacking much of the intellect you would think is required to be a party chairman. (Too harsh?...maybe.)

Today, however, he again said something STOOPID only to be completely pwned by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs from the podium.

A little background: President Obama is going to Copenhagen, Denmark to secure Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games (which if I honestly think is pretty much guaranteed or else Obama's political staff would never allow him to even go on the trip). Seems pretty benign right? What's wrong with the President, the Commander and Chief and the primary representative of the United States abroad going on an 18 hour trip to Denmark to lock down such a prestigious honor for one the great American cities and his hometown?

According to Chairmen Steele, the President is just not able to successfully multitask.

Steele: "If the priority is the Olympics in seven years, okay, then tell the nation that’s the priority and that’s what we should be focused on because we’ll create jobs then and we won’t worry about it between now and 2016. But if the goal is to create jobs here in America today, then let’s do that."

It's a great time to point out how much of a stupid thing that is to say because it's a fact that hosting the Olympics here in the U.S. actually could generate $22.5 billion (<---that's a "B!") in economic activity which is the equivalent to creating nearly 315,000 full-time jobs. I should also note that the overall impact on the economy would not just be limited to 7 years from now. Preparation to host the Olympics starts years in advance (just ask China).

How dumb do you think Steele sounds now?

Very dumb.

Here is the clip of Press Secretary Gibbs delivering a pretty good zinger from the podium in response to Steele's criticism:

Why is Michael Steele so stupid?
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