Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey Iran, Whatcha Got Behind Your Back There?

Hours ago at the 2009 Pittsburgh G20 Summit, President Obama (US), President Sarkozy (France) and the Prime Minister Brown (United Kingdom) presented evidence of a covert uranium enrichment facility in Iran. Iran has a right to nuclear power for its people, but the size and scope of this newly discovered facility is not consistent with those required for a mere nuclear power plant. According to international law and the compact between UN nations, those nations without nuclear weapons must forsake them. The 3 world leaders, along with Germany who could not be present this morning, called for Iran to stop what they are doing or else face the consequences.

This could be trouble.

The reason Iran's nuclear development has been so controversial is because (i) this is the third time it has lied about what it is doing with respect to nuclear development and (ii) President Ahmadinejad has made some pretty inflammatory comments about Israel. (something along the lines of wiping Israel off the map or words to that effect). Israel is an ally to the United States, so if it were to go to war, the United States would likely go to war. So an argument could be made that it is in the best interest of the world that Iran not be allowed to develop nuclear arms.

However, are we being hypocrites for having our own nuclear weapons and telling other nations not to develop their own?
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