Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Probation On And Poppin'

Yesterday, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg sentenced 20-year-old R&B star Chris Brown to 5 years of probation wherein he must spend more than 1,400 hours in "labor-oriented service" for assaulting his pop star girlfriend, Rihanna. Judge Schnegg also specified that Chris Beezie's service must be "hard manual labor" (as opposed to mere community service) and he must also complete 1 year of domestic violence counseling. Oh and by the way, pursuant to the restraining order, he can't come near Rihanna for those 5 years unless they are doing industry promotion events. (Rihanna can ask the court to lift the order however)

Don't look too sad, young Beezie, because you got off light, son. Mad light. When you consider that domestic violence in California can qualify as a felony that can carry a term of up to 3-years in state prison, 5 years of probation actually doesn't look too bad.

However, here's the interesting part - in order to determine Brown's sentence, the Court considered all relevant evidence, including reports of domestic violence between the couple before this event.

According to CNN:

"The first incident occurred in Europe about three months before the present offense," the report said. "The victim [Rihanna] and the defendant [Brown] were involved in a verbal dispute and the victim [Rihanna] slapped the defendant [Brown]. He responded by shoving her into a wall."

Another incident happened in January, three weeks before the Hollywood incident, when Brown and Rihanna were visiting her home country of Barbados, the report said.

"The defendant [Brown] and the victim [Rihanna] were visiting Barbados and were driving a Range Rover loaned to them by a local dealership," the investigator wrote. "They had an argument inside the car. The defendant [Brown] exited and broke the front driver and passenger side windows of the car."

WTF? So these two have a history of violence towards each other where she has laid hands on him, and he has laid hands on her. A match maid in heaven. I don't even know where to begin with this one.

So who is really at fault here? What kind of message does Brown's conviction and sentencing send to our youth? Should he have received a harsher sentence?
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