Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More of the Black Tax

I am one that does not like to attribute most things to racial bias. This is not necessarily the first thought that comes to mind when situations arise and a question of inequality, blatant racism, or some sort of institutional racism peaks out from under the layers of seemingly fair and forthright politics. Unfortunately, it seems that lately, giving the benefit of the doubt to justify certain actions and scrutiny against our President and his administration would be a naive approach to facing the harsh realities of life in this country. Lets face it, Obama is being taxed...The black tax that is.

Look at the ad posted along with this article. Have you ever seen such blatant disrespect to this end, against any other American President. Sure, we bashed Bush a great deal, for his lies and for his war mongering, and we bashed Clinton for lying about his sexual exploits. But this ad has bashed the President because of the privilege that his daughters and every other Presidents child have taken advantage due to who their father is. Has this ever been a problem before in America. George W Bush became a millionaire because his father constructed crooked business deals between W and his partners.

The point is, while yes it is obvious that every child should be able to take advantage of the highest quality meals possible, while in school, the reality is that these children are the children of the President and it is unfair to scrutinize the President and his family for being privileged, especially when this is a President, that genuinely has the interests of the people in mind and I'm sure would agree that all children deserve the same quality of school lunch.

This school lunch ad, was not only disrespectful, but extremely offensive. Why mention the Obama daughters as a catalyst to further your cause? I would think that the administration would be less concerned with furthering this agenda as a result of such tasteless propaganda. My questions people is, would a white president, who is maintaining the status quo in American come under such scrutiny, to the point where his young children are being attacked? Or is this another result of the classic black tax that says a black man doing the same thing as a white man has to work 10x's harder and face 10x's more scrutiny when doing so. Lets talk about this thing folks...
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