Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick: Don't Call It a Comeback!!

If George W Bush can be President after sentencing to death the most men in history as Governor of Texas, some of which due to DNA evidence were later thought innocent, and Sarah Palin can...Exist, as her Moose head lingers above her redneck fireplace, then why shouldn't Michael Vick be admitted back into the NFL? And why shouldn't he be a Philadelphia Eagle?

I understand better than most, the repercussions of finding yourself on the opposite side of the law. The embarrassment, humiliation, the pain and most of all the struggle to rebuild your life. Michael Vick, clearly made poor, irresponsible decisions. Decisions which caused him to lose his freedom and almost his career. But lets face it people, worse crimes have been committed in this country by people we honor and respect. To crucify Vick any longer, especially after he has paid is debt to society, is to undermine the basic capacity of ones ability to grow and change.

Personally I embrace Vick with open arms to the City of Brotherly love. I look forward to watching him come off the bench this season and possibly being groomed as a successor to McNabb. God forbid, McNabb suffers an injury this season. For once, this city (Philly) will have a viable back up to work with. I can only hope that his skill level, once top rate, has not been too tarnished by the recent events in his life. I wish the brother much success and I pray that he has learned his lesson, a lesson that we should all learn. We can't get away with what others can get away with, so we should make sure that we go above and beyond the call of duty in all situations and hope that we can get a few opportunities here and there to satisfy our lust for the American dream.
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