Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Potter and the Half-Done Job

I was trying to avoid this one but it seems to keep pulling me back in like the Godfather. In case you were living under a rock for the past week, on July 3rd, 2009 Sarah Palin (pictured), perhaps motivated by the 4th of July spirit, announced that she will be resigning from the Governorship of Alaska effective July 26, 2009. It is notable to observe that there are still 18 months remaining in her gubernatorial term.

Helping us to understand her rationale for the move, Palin provided the following at her July 3rd announcement:

"Let me go back to a comfortable analogy for me - sports... basketball. I use it because you're naive if you don't see the national full-court press picking away right now: A good point guard drives through a full court press, protecting the ball, keeping her eye on the basket... and she knows exactly when to pass the ball so that the team can WIN. And I'm doing that - keeping our eye on the ball that represents sound priorities - smaller government, energy independence, national security, freedom! And I know when it's time to pass the ball - for victory."

Not clear yet? How about after you read this:

"Some Alaskans don't mind wasting public dollars and state time. I do. I cannot stand here as your Governor and allow millions upon millions of our dollars go to waste just so I can hold the title of Governor. And my children won't allow it either. ? Some will question the timing. ? Let's just say, this decision has been in the works for awhile."

The "public dollars" she is referring to relates to the 15 ethics violation investigations that have been alleged against Sarah Palin since taking the office of Governor of Alaska in November of 2006. 15 in just over 2 years? That's gotta be some kind of record right?

Speaking of the ethics allegations, the Lt. Governor of Alaska who will be taking over later this month, Sean Parnell, stated that:

"I think what I heard from the governor really had to do with the weight on her, the concern she had for the cost of all the ethics investigations and the like — the way that that weighed on her with respect to her inability to just move forward Alaska’s agenda on behalf of Alaskans in the current context of the environment. So that’s what I saw."

Indeed, the Palin's have incurred over half a million dollars in legal fees regarding the defense of Sarah Palin from ethics violations. Although rumors were flying high over the weekend as to whether or not Palin was under federal investigation, the FBI confirmed that they have no such investigation in the works for Palin.

Which brings us back to the issue of the true reason for her resignation. The political rumor mill has been busy with speculation that the legal fees that she cited in her speech are merely pretext for the true reason for Palin's resignation: a presidential run in 2012. If a run for president is truly what she is after, the conservative pundits on the Right are saying this is one of the most ill-advised moves in the history of ill-advised moves. But then again, would we expect anything less from the lady who failed to list a single newspaper that she regularly reads, cite a single Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade, provide an accurate definition of the "Bush Doctrine," or exhibit a working knowledge of the duties for the office that she was running for?

What is this really all about? Weigh in with your thoughts on the Palin resignation:
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