Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr Conrad Murray....A Drug Dealer??

Apparently sources have released information that blames Dr Conrad Murray, Jackson's in house Physician for the King of Pop's untimely death. A powerful drug administered by the doctor is said to have been the official cause of death. Now I know that many of you are sick of this ongoing Michael Jackson saga, even those of you who adored the iconic performer and believe that there will never be another like him, but I think that it is important we understand the implications that this new information brings.

Up until recently the investigation had been labeled a death investigation. A few weeks ago that changed to a possible murder investigation. Since Michael Jackson's death it had been hinted, at least by my interpretations, that there was foul play involved and the media had all but come out and said that this in house Physician was a bit shady. So here we are, a month later and it seems that any day now this man could be brought up on charges that relate to the MURDER of Michael Jackson? Manslaughter...Well that hasn't been stated yet, but c'mon people lets be real here, according to the media the authorities have been itching to obtain evidence against this guy, because lets face it, Dr Murray was the only person around when Michael Jackson, the greatest performer who ever walked the earth, closed his eyes for good. So what you're telling me media, is that there is a chance that the King of Pop did not die because of his own addictions and at his own hands, but at the hands of a black physician, who gave him a powerful drug. Hmmm...

I really hate to go here, but this is the Urban Politico...This is what we do folks! How do I say this...Sigh..I'll just come out with it...

They would blame global warming on the black man if they could, as well as poverty, the current recession and the deterioration of the American family! Don't get me wrong however, I am not saying that this is false. I'm not saying that the Dr did not have a hand in MJ's death...Obviously I have no idea, yay or nay, but my goodness, why??? It's sort of like one of those incidents when you're in public and you see some ignorance going on and you can't quite see who the cause of the disturbance is and the whole time your approaching the scene in your mind your saying "please don't let this fool be black." Then you realize they are and you feel like disappearing beneath the concrete or assassinating the perpetrator for setting us back 100 years...The death of Michael Jackson is one of the single most significant events of the 21st century and quite possibly the cause of it was a black physician. This is worse than the recent OJ Simpson trial...Does anyone understand my plight here, amidst all this rushed, crappy writing??
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