Sunday, July 5, 2009

All I Wanna Say is They Don't Really Care About Us

After the untimely passing of music legend Michael Jackson, there has been quite a buzz stirring about the internet regarding Jordan Chandler (pictured left), the then 13-year-old whose parents accused Jackson of child molestation back in 1993 as we all most likely remember. The buzz stems from rumors that Jordan now admits, in the wake of Jackson's death, that he (Jordan), in fact, lied about the whole thing. To date, no major news media source has been able to substantiate this claim.
As a quick recap of the events that went down back in '93, Jordan Chandler apparently was befriended by Michael Jackson in the preceding year, and eventually was invited to visit Jackson at Neverland Ranch. Jordan's father, Even Chandler, was publicly opposed to this relationship between his son and Jackson. Upon returning from the ranch, Jordan's father had him admit that Jackson had, among other things, touched his penis. The tabloids got a hold of this story and the proverbial stuff hit the proverbial fan. The media backlash was strong against Jackson, as many of us probably can recall around that time. As a result, this was around the time that Jackson, buckling from the pressure, became dependent on drugs. In the end, after a year of controversy, Michael Jackson settled with the Chandler family for $22 million. It is most notable to observe that, after the million-dollar settlement, the Chandler family withdrew young Jordan as a witness in the criminal investigation and the California prosecutor's office was forced to drop the charges due to the obvious lack of eye-witness evidence.
In 1996, Jordan's father, Even Chandler, sued Michael Jackson for allegedly breaching their settlement agreement by discussing the case in public. The suit went before court in 1999 and a jury rendered a verdict in Michael Jackson's favor and dismissed the case on the merits. After that case, Michael Jackson paid the Chandler family the last installment of the settlement agreement in June of 1999. And that was that.
Fast forward 10 years later to last week, the Chandler family now has a $2.35 million-dollar home in Long Island, New York, a multi-million dollar condo in Santa Barbara, California, and (because why stop there?) a $775,000 dollar high-rise apartment right here in Manhattan. Not too shabby.
Sometime after Michael's passing last week is when the rumors started to buzz around the internet, that, if true, would confirm what many of us believed to be true 16 years ago: Michael Jackson didn't do it.
I don't know if Jordan Chandler truly made this admission or whether it's just the internet rumor-mill hard at work, but what I do know is that the facts on the Chandler side of the story have never seemed to add up. If the boy really was molested, then it is difficult to imagine why the family of the "victim" was not at all concerned with pressing charges when it had the chance to do so after the financial settlement. So after the multi-million-dollar settlement was reached, I suppose the family figured justice had been served?
In sum, I'll reiterate that I am unable to verify if the alleged admission by Jordan Chandler actually took place. But if it did, that must have been an awful lot of guilt resting on that man's heart for the past 16 years.
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EDIT: For a more in depth rendition of the facts click HERE.
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