Monday, April 20, 2009

The Stench of Slavery....Part 1 Willie Lynch and Beyond

The Black Slave, after receiving this indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

Willie Lynch
James River/Virginia

This quote was taken directly from the original Wilie Lynch letter, spoken on the banks of the James River hundreds of years ago. Yet as the writer stated, these tactics to this day are embedded in the fabric of the African American culture and psyche. Many people are not aware of this infamous letter and others have placed it under realm of conspiracy theory, without ever giving it a worthy acknowledgment.

These simple tactics which were used by slave owners to "control" their human stock were meant to divide and conquer. At the time of this letter, slave owners had become afraid of their slaves, because of the many uprisings and mass murders that had occurred at the hands of slaves, who were willing to choose death over slavery. Most notably the great Nat Turner, who was sentenced to death for one of the bloodiest slave revolts ever documented.

The slaves were beginning to realize the power in their numbers. As rumors of each successful revolt and escape spread through the plantations and through the Southern States, slaves began to develop more confidence, more will and the desire for freedom became something that was now attainable, often through violent means. According to historians there were upward of 20 slave rebellions between the 1600's and the end of the Civil War in 1865, also the year slavery ended. It was imperative in order to protect the interests of slave owners, that they come up come up with ways to initiate better control over their "products." Beatings and mutilations were good, but this damaged their goods and murders were wasteful. It became clear that reformations were needed and that a policy needed to quickly and quietly go into affect. A prominent slave owner from the Island of Haiti, had the answer, entitled, "The Making of a Slave."

By placing slaves against each other, through the manipulation of several simple differences such as, skin tone, gender, age, etc, Lynch had resolved that a measure of control could be ensured, by ensuring the absence of unity and securing it's perpetuation. Hundreds of years later the stench of slavery is still in the air. Partly because the conditioning and the social engineering is constantly being perpetuated through various hidden elements, but is also partly due to the black mans subscription to this notion of "black is wack and white is right." Despite the amazing progress of black folks, through unprecedented turmoil and our unique ability to overcome tremendous adversity, the effects of this curse does still resonate and manifests itself in many ways.

The Stench of Slavery is an attitude, a mentality, a culture, a perception, all birthed from many generation of fear, oppression and constant victimization. This "stench" takes on many forms both negative and positive and is fueled by a never ending struggle for respect, acknowledgment and equality. At it's most deplorable, this "stench," carried on by the bloodline of slavery has manifested itself through the mass murder of blacks by other blacks, weather by the hand of violence or by addiction. Again Lynch shows it's ugly face by pegging dealer against dealer, addict against addict and the corrupt cops, both black and white will sort out the rest. Does anyone see where I'm going with this?? Carter G Woodson wrote a book called "The Miseducation of the Negro." This classic work, took an unprecedented look at the black mans social conditioning and sought to raise our consciousness, first through the acknowledgment that our minds were in fact, in bondage. The assault of Social engineering did not begin with Hip-Hop, crack, or malt liquor, it began when slaves started showing signs of unity and rebellion. Whenever a movement amongst our people shows signs of progression and the bells of unity and freedom begin to ring, so does the alarm and this is when the Willie Lynch tactics reinvent themselves through the use of modern tools.
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